Negative Emotional Therapy ™ is a process/technique, which can release a whole lifetime of unprocessed negative emotions such as anger, shame, sadness, fear, hurt, frustration, hate, doubt, anxiety, and guilt that have accumulated in your neural network over the years. It will release all the unprocessed negative emotions that have accumulated from conception, even beyond until the present day. Negative Emotional Therapy ™ eliminates all unprocessed negative emotions from a person’s past memory bank. This technique totally gets rid of a whole lifetime’s worth of unprocessed negative emotions in a very short period of time. The past memories will still be intact, but all the events will be balanced, with no emotional charge left on them.

This is a very powerful process, and can help so many people to get in control of their emotional state. Our emotional state determines the results that we get in life. So to change your result, you need to get in control of your emotional state. Negative emotions is energy that gets stored in the neural network and of which connects to specific events that happened in your past. Negative Emotional Therapy ™ releases the stored negative energy charges in a person’s neural network. The process helps the person to release all of those negative emotional energy charges that he or she has built up over the years. It does not interfere with the memories themselves, it only releases the negative emotional charges.

What the Negative Emotional Therapy ™ does is to find the first event, and then help you to deal with it by getting learnings from it. Afterwards, the subconscious will be ready to let go of the emotional charge on the event, and the technique will guide you through the process of letting go. By letting go of the emotional charge on the first event, which was the root cause, all the rest of the emotional charges will release together. The whole Gestalt (emotional chain) will collapse, and the emotions will be released from the neural network. This will be done on each emotion, one at a time, until all of the unprocessed negative emotions are released. Then the person can no longer feel any of the above mentioned emotions on any event that happened in their past. Please note that it does not eliminate the emotion itself. It only releases all the Unprocessed Negative Emotional Charges that was linked to memories from the past. This helps the person to be in control of that emotion again instead of being controlled by it.

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