About Me

Kerrisha Gopichand by profession is a Business & Corporate Strategist. She provides Corporate Consulting Services focusing on Conscious Leadership and Personal Development Coaching Services. She is also an internationally certified Louise Hay Heal Your Life Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator, a NES Health Practitioner, a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Motivational Speaker and Writer who believes in conscious and purposeful living.

Kerrisha has devoted her knowledge and expertise to developing leaders and organizations, helping people navigate through challenging situations. She gets down to the root of who and what you are, then gives you applicable tools to use as you lead others to where they need to go.

We are all searching for our true purpose in order to live our unique truth, to serve that which is greater than ourselves, trying to get answers to the age old questions of “Why am I here?” or "What is my purpose?". When you know yourself and grow yourself with higher awareness, you can create a life that is extraordinary. We are all on a path of emergence, an awakening to self-realization and higher consciousness.

We all want to experience a deeper meaning to life, to make a difference, be it in our professional or personal environments. If you would like to improve something about yourself or would like to align yourself with your unique truth and purpose, then Kerrisha offers you a safe space to create, reflect, dream and achieve what you want in your life, in your business or career.

Her personal motto is to Live With Purpose - Live Your Purpose - Make An Impact!


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